VASER®lipo –
the next generation of body contouring

VASER®lipo –<br> the next generation of body contouring

VASER®lipo is a very modern and special extraction method using ultrasound energy, with which the fatty tissue can be dissolved and extracted very finely and with a precise contour and without significant tissue damage.

At the same time, this allows you to work very delicately on the body contour, so the body can be modeled and shaped in the sense of a body contouring treatment, and this much more gently and effectively than with conventional methods.

This special procedure with muscle definition in the upper body and arm area is also known as high-definition lipo or HD lipo.

A great advantage of the VASER®lipo to the otherwise common methods of liposuction is the excellent tightening effect for skin and connective tissue with new collagen synthesis thanks to the ultrasound energy released into the tissue.

Particularly in the area of ​​the abdomen, waist and hips, very good results can be achieved with the VASER®lipo. Also in the area of ​​the flanks and upper arms as well as on the chin and cheeks, exactly where we rely on optimal skin tightening for a perfect result


    VASER® ultrasound-assisted-liposuction (UAL)


    Belly, waist, hip, chest, flanks, back, upper arms


    2 to 3 hours




    After 2 weeks


    After 1 week


How does a VASER® liposuction work?

Step 1 of a VASER®lipo: infiltration

With a Vaser® treatment, the first step is to inject a special local anesthetic diluted in a saline solution into the area to be treated. This has an anesthetic effect and leads to a contraction of the local blood vessels. At the same time, the body volume temporarily increases at the injected areas. This has the advantage that fat cells can be removed more easily.

Step 2 of a VASER®lipo: delivery of ultrasound

Subsequently, during a Vaser®lipo procedure, fine ultrasound probes are inserted into the tissue through minimal incisions. These probes emit ultrasound energy and detach the fat cells from their structure, while the surrounding tissue remains intact and is protected.

Step 3 of a VASER®lipo: aspiration

Next, with a Vaser®lipo treatment, the dissolved fat is removed with a special suction cannula. Thanks to the gentle process, the surrounding tissue remains largely intact.

Step 4 of a VASER®lipo: skin tightening effect

After a VASER® liposuction, we prescribe an individual healing plan with regular check-ups to achieve maximum skin tightening and even results. In addition, the ultrasound application used during the operation in conjunction with a compression bodice to be worn supports the regression and tightening of skin and connective tissue.

Why liposuction with VASER® technology?

The VASER®lipo is an ultrasound-assisted liposuction technology in the third generation. The VASER®lipo is the most modern and most effective suction technology that is currently available worldwide.

This impressive, minimally invasive technology makes it possible to suction fat more gently and more effectively, since the fat cells are very finely dissolved and literally melted by the ultrasound energy.

This also allows body regions to be defined more precisely in the sense of high-definition suction, since the fat can be removed very precisely and without damaging the surrounding tissue and without damaging the patient.

Advantages of VASER® liposuction

  • Can be used variably, both for fine contouring and for larger amounts of fat
  • Ultrasound energy gently removes the fat from the tissue
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • No scarring
  • Hardly any hematomas
  • Short regeneration time
  • Firming effect on skin and connective tissue

When does VASER®lipo liposuction make sense?

A VASER®lipo operation is particularly useful if athletically active and nutrition-conscious patients suffer from genetically determined, therapy-resistant fat deposits and want to have these problem areas removed.

In particular, however, also patients who, in addition to therapy-resistant fat deposits, no longer have very tight skin and connective tissue conditions and want to avoid surgical skin tightening.

What do patients have to consider during a VASER® procedure?

Smoking can cause the blood flow to the skin and connective tissue to deteriorate. This may lead to delayed wound healing.

Before the surgical procedure and 10 days after the procedure, patients should avoid smoking to ensure rapid and optimal wound healing.

In addition, patients should avoid taking blood-thinning medications (ASA – aspirin) and multivitamin preparations around 10 days before the operation.

If you regularly take medication, it is necessary to address them during the consultation to avoid complications after the procedure.

What is required after the Vaser® surgery?

Pain similar to a muscle soreness may occur after the operation.

These symptoms can be alleviated with appropriate pain relievers for 2-3 days after the operation. It can happen in the first two days that wound secretions come from the punctures of the treated areas. It is perfectly normal.

The bandage is removed and the compression clothing adjusted the day after the operation. Depending on the scope of the surgical intervention, the patient must wear these between 4 and 6 weeks after the operation.

Patients should make sure to avoid physical exertion as much as possible within the first week. Physical work does not work a week after the procedure.

Office work is possible from day 3 or 4 after the procedure. In general, however, a week of physical protection is definitely recommended.

Risks and dangers of VASER® liposuction

In the course of a Vaser® Lipo treatment, experienced surgeons do not experience any dangerous complications or side effects.

A VASER® operation can lead to small or large bruises and pain similar to muscle soreness, but this will improve significantly by the end of the first week after the procedure.

In addition, patients may feel numb in the affected regions. In addition, individual areas are sensitive to touch. This also normalizes after the first week.

4 weeks after the procedure, you can go back to any activity just as before the operation.

You can see the result of your VASER®lipo in the first week, but the tissue is still swollen and the skin regression is not yet complete.

Approximately a good 80% of the result is visible 4-6 weeks after the procedure. It takes at least 6 months for the final result, including skin regression, to be fully developed.

After treatment with VASER®lipo, increasing sporting activity in the first 6 months post operation is of crucial importance.

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