Lipedema Munich: Long-term therapy disease of fat protection T

Lipedema is a pathological and progressive genetic increase in adipose tissue with a high level of suffering in the affected patients.

The disease only affects women. Hormonal changes and a genetic disposition are assumed to be the cause. The legs and upper arms are usually affected.

Medical experts alternatively refer to lipedema as a fat distribution disorder. In addition to the increased adipose tissue, water can also accumulate with increasing disease duration, which is referred to as “edema”.

A distinction is always made between lipedema and lymphedema. In the case of lymphedema there is no increase in adipose tissue, but a lymphatic drainage disorder, which can also lead to significant swelling in the area of ​​the legs.


    Liposuction (combination of VASER ® / UAL and vibration technology / PAL)


    Thighs, lower legs, upper arms


    Up to 4 hours




    After 4 weeks


    After 2 weeks

What to do with lipedema?

If lipedema is diagnosed, liposuction performed using a special technique can significantly alleviate the symptoms.

Symptoms of lipedema include a feeling of heaviness and tension in the legs, pain, increased bruising and general swelling.

After a lipedema intervention, we see a significant reduction in the psychological stress to which the patients are usually subjected due to the long-term course of the disease.

Liposuction nevertheless does not cure the disease. However, it significantly improves the long-term prognosis, especially in stages 1 and 2.

Since lipedema usually has a large amount of fat, complete liposuction therapy on the legs and upper arms can often require several operations.

Before a surgical intervention, medical clarification takes place in cooperation with a specialized vascular center. A corresponding special after-treatment is also necessary.

The diversity of the details to be discussed in this clinical picture can of course only be explained in detail in a personal interview at Lipoaesthetic in Munich. In our practice you will receive detailed, competent advice without any time pressure.

What are the causes of lipedema?

The exact causes of lipedema disease have not been fully researched. Previous studies show that female hormones play a crucial role in lipedema, since only women suffer from the disease.

A progression or occurrence of lipedema usually shows up in times of hormonal fluctuations, e.g. puberty, pregnancy or menopause.

Since lipedema can often occur in families across generations, a genetic predisposition to this is very likely.

How does water retention occur with lipedema?

Water retention in the tissues can be attributed to small blood vessels that suffer from a permeability disorder. Due to changed pressure conditions in the vascular system, fluid is pressed from the blood vessels into the fatty tissue.

Since both blood and lymphatic vessels are compressed by the increased pressure in the fatty tissue, much less fluid can be removed from the legs towards the middle of the body.

As part of these self-reinforcing changes, lipedema can also develop into lipolymphedema over the years.

What are the consequences of lipedema?

Failure to treat lipedema will result in a steady increase in fat tissue.

Over time, more and more tissue fluid builds up in the fatty tissue and the blood flow to the skin and subcutaneous tissue becomes less and less.

This then leads to the flap formation of the skin already described above and the knot-like remodeling of the adipose tissue.

A smooth transition to lipolymphedema becomes more and more likely with the duration of an untreated lipedema.

When should lipoedema be operated on using liposuction?

As soon as the diagnosis of lipedema is made, the fatty tissue should be surgically removed.

Of course, stage 1 lipedema is best operated on, since skin regression is usually not a problem and the amount of fat to be extracted is not yet so great. Interventions in stage 1 are also possible on an outpatient basis and without an inpatient stay.

In stage 2, in addition to significantly increased adipose tissue, skin and connective tissue changes are also present, which in some cases may also require surgical removal of the excess skin. Lipoedema in stage 2 lipoedema can be done on an outpatient or inpatient basis, depending on the extent and quantity.

In stage 3, surgical removal of the adipose tissue depots should in any case only be carried out under inpatient conditions, since postoperative monitoring after removal of large amounts of fat is necessary. Drainages are also made and intravenous infusion therapy for circulatory stabilization may be necessary. Since we only carry out outpatient procedures at Lipoaesthetic in Munich, we only operate at stage 1 to 2 lipedema.

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Lipedema is a pathological and progressive genetic increase in adipose tissue with a high level of suffering in the affected patients. The disease only affects women. Hormonal changes and a genetic disposition are assum…

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