Laser Lipolysis – dissolving of fatty tissue with connective tissue tightening

With the LEONARDO® Dual 45 diode laser system, we also have the latest innovation in laser technology for minimally invasive contour shaping in our portfolio:

A laser medical procedure performed under local anesthesia in which fatty tissue is liquefied in a targeted and gentle manner via tiny skin incisions with the aid of a thin optical fiber and the overlying skin is tightened.

As a gentle supplement to liposuction, laser lipolysis offers a procedure with optimizing potential, especially where conventional methods reach their limits.


    Fettabsaugung Vibrationstechnik, power-assisted-liposuction (PAL)


    Fettabsaugung Vibrationstechnik, power-assisted-liposuction (PAL)


    Fettabsaugung Vibrationstechnik, power-assisted-liposuction (PAL)


    Fettabsaugung Vibrationstechnik, power-assisted-liposuction (PAL)


    Fettabsaugung Vibrationstechnik, power-assisted-liposuction (PAL)


    Fettabsaugung Vibrationstechnik, power-assisted-liposuction (PAL)

The advantages compared to a conventional liposuction are  

  • Improved skin tightening due to the laser induced stimulation of collagen under the skin  
  • Can also be performed in very small areas, where other techniques are associated with more aesthetic risks  
  • Low blood loss due to the simultaneous laser coagulation of small blood vessels under the skin  
  • Faster healing and shorter downtimes


In laser lipolysis with the LEONARDO® Dual 45 in Munich, fat cells are liquefied by a very precise laser beam. The energy of the diode laser converted into heat gently dissolves the fatty tissue. The blood vessels supplying the fat and the surrounding connective tissue are also heated.

This warming leads to an immediate hemostasis and, through the formation of new collagen fibres, to a visible tightening of the subcutaneous connective tissue and the skin.

The tissue effect described above is achieved by a specific combination of wavelengths – at a wavelength of 1470 nm, for example, optimal conditions are provided for efficient dissolution of the fat cells as well as for tightening of the connective tissue above. Coagulation of the blood vessels, on the other hand, is achieved by setting a complementary wavelength of 980 nm.

Outpatient treatment

Laser lipolysis with the LEONARDO® Dual 45 can be performed on an outpatient basis. A tumescent local anaesthesia (TLA) is applied to the treatment area in advance.  For the procedure itself, only very small skin incisions are required to bring the optical fiber subcutaneously into the tissue to be treated. There, the fat cells are liquefied in a targeted manner by a controlled and precise emission of laser energy. After the treatment, the skin incisions are not sutured, but only covered with a narrow strip of plaster.

Treatment results

Laser lipolysis using the LEONARDO® Dual 45 achieves excellent cosmetic results. Due to the thermal effect of the laser, the skin smoothes over the course of the healing period and lies against its newly modelled foundation. Because the fat cells of an adult do not grow back in the treated areas, the result is permanent – both in terms of reducing the adipose tissue and optimizing the body shape. First effects can be seen directly in the first 2 weeks. The final result usually takes at least 6 months.


Only minor pain is to be expected after the operation. Patients are usually fit for work again the next day. To ensure the best possible skin regeneration, a compression girdle should be worn for two to three weeks. This is about half as long as with classic liposuction and allows patients to return to their normal daily routine more quickly.

Risks and side effects

Under local anesthesia, the procedure is very safe. The laser-induced sclerotherapy of the small blood vessels promotes the postoperative course. Thus, pain, bruising and swelling are significantly less than with conventional liposuction. They normally subside completely within the first week.

Fields of application:

  • Cheeks, chin  
  • Neck   
  • Upper arm  
  • Breast   
  • Back, flanks, waist    
  • Buttocks / thighs front / outside (combination with Cellfina®)   
  • Knee area
  • banana roll

Expansion of the therapeutic spectrum

The laser medical contour shaping with the LEONARDO® Dual 45 is particularly suitable for smaller sensitive fat areas, which could previously only be treated to a limited extent with conventional liposuction. These include, among others, treatment of cheek fat, double chin, upper arms and the knee region. In addition, it is excellently suited for the treatment of benign fat tumours, so-called lipomas, as well as for the treatment of dents in the skin, so-called cellulite in the thigh area, in combination with Cellfina®.

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