Liposuction is ideally suited for patients with normal weight, who are active in sports and also pay attention to their diet. Heavily overweight patients are not suitable.

The liposuctioned fat cells do not grow back. The fat also does not migrate to other parts of the body. Just as you gained and lost weight on all parts of the body before the operation, you will do so again after the operation. However, the newly created contours in the suctioned areas are permanent.

The skin and connective tissue mantle recedes after liposuction. The tighter the initial condition, the better the skin regression. The regression can also be accelerated with regard to the suction technique and method used. In individual cases, additional therapies for skin tightening may be necessary for a perfect result. However, this will be discussed during the consultation before the operation

Liposuction is not a method for weight reduction. It creates a new body contour. Of course, after liposuction you will lose some body weight in the medium term after a certain amount of fat has been removed. But this is never the aim of liposuction. It should also be noted that immediately after a liposuction you will always be heavier than before the operation. This results from the fluid stored in the tissue. However, this process then decreases in the first few weeks after the operation.

With our very individual therapy approaches, the costs of a particular treatment can only be indicated after a personal presentation and inspection of the findings in the practice. The costs depend, among other things, on the number of areas treated, the surgical effort and the expected time of the operation. In addition, any anaesthesia costs are also due.

After the initial consultation, you will receive a detailed report of the findings and a binding cost estimate with detailed information on all costs by email. We bill transparently in accordance with the Gebührenordnung für Ärzte (GOÄ). We are not licensed to treat patients with health insurance and therefore only treat self-pay patients and privately insured patients.

Between one and up to four hours.

We are happy to carry out smaller operations under local anaesthesia, but for larger operations an anaesthetist will be present and perform a general anaesthetic. Since we always work directly under the skin and not in the depth of the body, this anesthesia does not have to be very deep. This ensures that you are quickly awake again after the operation and can then go home in company. A treatment in the so-called "twilight sleep" "we do not perform.

Since we follow very individual therapy approaches and also take a lot of time for our patients, you will experience a very personal treatment with us. All our patients are operated exclusively by Mr. Petrus. You will also receive a mobile phone number after the operation, so that you can reach Mr. Petrus personally at any time after the operation.

On average, we suck off between 1000 ml and 3500 ml of pure fat per operation. More than 5,000 ml are very rarely suctioned off in one session for reasons of risk minimisation. If more than 4-5 litres of fat are present, the fat removal should be carried out in several sessions.

After the liposuction you will not see any new dents or irregularities in the skin. Just as the skin appearance is before the operation, it will be the same after the liposuction. The skin and connective tissue recede and then cover the suctioned areas evenly. A tightening/smoothing of the skin does not take place during liposuction.

Liposuction is not a painful procedure. Neither during the procedure nor after the procedure are you in great pain. A moderate muscle ache similar to movement pain will occur.

In the hands of an experienced surgeon and in compliance with the doctor's duty of care, liposuction is not a dangerous procedure for a healthy patient. Possible risks such as the danger of infection or tissue damage etc. will be discussed in detail during the consultation, including clarification of your personal state of health/risk profile.


In the field of aesthetic surgery, we are specialized in body-shaping therapy procedures. With liposuction, autologous fat transfer and skin tightening therapies, we shape and design your body according to your wishes, as far as anatomically and medically possible. Not everything is possible, but many things are feasible on the way to a better shaped body. A good aesthetic eye, more than 20 years of surgical and aesthetic experience and the most modern equipment are our basis on the way there. In the following you will find an overview of our therapy procedures in the field of modern operative body shaping. There is certainly something for everyone.

Body Contouring

Those who pay attention to their weight and fitness are particularly bothered by certain fat deposits. Often it is the thighs, the streaky bacon or the “love handles” on the hips. Neither sport nor diets eliminate these…

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Vaser Lipo

VASER®lipo is a very modern and special extraction method using ultrasound energy, with which the fatty tissue can be dissolved and extracted very finely and with a precise contour and without significant tissue damage…

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High-Def Lipo

Every man/woman has a six-pack or even a two-pack, depending on his or her training activity and genetic disposition, but this is often concealed by increased fat accumulation in the abdominal and flank area. With the V…

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The Renuvion® system, one of the most exciting advances in energy technology in the last 20 years, combines the unique properties of cold helium plasma with the efficiency of radio frequency energy. This combination ena…

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With the LEONARDO® Dual 45 diode laser system, we also have the latest innovation in laser technology for minimally invasive contour shaping in our portfolio: A laser medical procedure performed under local anesthesia i…

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The Cellfina® treatment is a clinically proven method to improve the appearance of cellulite.
This is achieved with a precise solution of individual connective tissue strands. The innovative method is minimally invasive…

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A liposuction at Lipoaesthetic in Munich can be combined with a lipofilling in almost any way. Extracted fat from liposuction on the abdomen, hips or thighs can be used to model other parts of the body when using autolo…

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Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a combination of liposuction including body shaping and autologous fat transfer for volume therapy in the buttocks. The fat required is extracted with the gentle VASER ® Lipo method from…

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Lipedema is a pathological and progressive genetic increase in adipose tissue with a high level of suffering in the affected patients. The disease only affects women. Hormonal changes and a genetic disposition are assum…

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Have you already had liposuction elsewhere and are not satisfied with the result? Then we at Lipoaesthetic in Munich are the ideal contact for you. With LipoRepair we are able to fix small and large irregularities. It is…

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Are you tired, limp and feel no more energy in you? Do you need proteins and minerals for your sporting activities? Do you want more strength and endurance for your strenuous professional life? Do you want to lose more…

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