Are you tired, limp and feel no more energy in you? Do you need proteins and minerals for your sporting activities? Do you want more strength and endurance for your strenuous professional life? Do you want to lose more weight and boost your metabolism.

Then VITALINFUSION is the right choice for you. Our medical practice offers you tailor-made infusions for more energy and quality of life. Simple – fast – immediate effect. Choose a therapy and book an appointment online.

Individual appointment arrangement,

Booking only possible online.

Your life.

Your health.

Your wealth.

Maximize your energy, your performance and your immune system. Get a “boost” for your stressful and exhausting everyday life and give your body all the vital essences it needs.

One pass – directly into your blood.


Choose your favourite

Six different infusions are available. According to medical history and findings, individual components may differ from the standard dosage.

Duration of an infusion: 45 min

DETOX – Detoxify your body now!

Reinigung des Körpers auf natürliche Weise und Förderung des mentalen und allgemeinen Wohlbefindens, Entgiftung und Aktivierung des Stoffwechsels. Enthält B-Vitamine, Antioxidantien, Elektolyte und Mineralstoffe. Belebt und vitalisiert den gesamten Körper.

IMMUN – Support your immune system now!

Optimale Funktion des Immunsystems, Unterstützung der Abwehrkräfte und Stimulation des Immunsystems, antioxidative Eigenschaften. Enthält B-Vitamine, Selen, Zink, Vit D, C und A sowie Folsäure, Kupfer und Eisen.

FITNESS – Increase your performance now!

Energy supplier for the muscles. Activates the energy metabolism and improves energy production. Increases carbohydrate metabolism and ensures excellent efficiency. Contains biotin, riboflavin, Vit-B6, zinc, calcium and selected amino acids.

If we have aroused your interest and you would like more information and details about our complete range of body shaping procedures, please select from the treatment offers below.

You can also contact us via our contact form by indicating your personal enquiry or use our “Body&Budget Check” for a more direct and quick enquiry which includes the possibility of the body areas you would like to get treated.

If you only have a short question, you can also use the chat function at the bottom left of each page to call up further information. We are looking forward to your enquiry and will answer it promptly.


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Are you tired, limp and feel no more energy in you? Do you need proteins and minerals for your sporting activities? Do you want more strength and endurance for your strenuous professional life? Do you want to lose more…

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